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To Beard or Not to Beard

The other day, I happened to look through People magazine’s last dozen or so covers of their Sexiest Man Alive issues. What a feast.

One thing led to another and soon I was checking out good-looking male movie stars all over the Internet and dividing them into three categories, which dictated how attractive I would find them.

Those categories running from my own favorites to my least favorite were: the Clean-shaven look, the Two-day stubble, and the last category for Brad Pitt alone and the weird beard he’s sporting these days. I truly hope that doesn’t last long for him. What a shame to waste such a gorgeous face.

I would put Jude Law into a category of his own with his one-day stubble.

I love men’s skin, especially on their faces. While the two-day stubble is undeniably sexy, some faces are just too handsome to be covered by anything other than a woman’s kisses!

Most male movie stars straddle the line between the first two, sometimes clean and sometimes with stubble.

Here is my list of favorites depending on how they looked in different photos.


Matt Damon

George Clooney (his salt and pepper beard is a good look, too, though)

Daniel Craig (I really don’t like his mustache in A Steady Rain)

Two-day stubble:

Hugh Jackman (um, wow)

Patrick Dempsey

Gerard Butler

Weird beard:

Brad Pitt

How do you like your men? Clean or ‘dirty?’ Who are your favorite male stars?


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