NO ORDINARY COWBOY, Hank Shelter and Amy Graves
A COWBOY’S PLAN, C.J. Wright and Janey Wilson (Cheryl’s mother in No Ordinary Cowboy)
THIS COWBOY’S SON, Matthew Long and Jenny Sterling (both from No Ordinary Cowboy)
BEYOND ORDINARY, Timm Franck (town’s newspaper editor) and Angel Donovan (returning ‘bad’ girl)
THESE TIES THAT BIND, Rem Caldwell (Timm Franck’s best friend) and Sara Franck (Timm’s sister)
NO ORDINARY SHERIFF, Shannon Wilson (Janey Wilson’s sister) and Cash Kavenagh (town sheriff)
NO ORDINARY HOME, Gracie Travers and Sheriff Austin Trumball (from No Ordinary Sheriff, all grown up now) and Finn Franck (Rem and Sara’s son from These Ties that Bind, all grown up now) and Melody Chase (from These Ties that Bind, all grown up now)


IN FROM THE COLD, Callie MacKintosh and Gabe Jordan (beginning of the story of three Jordan brothers, Gabe, Tyler and Nick; Tyler Jordan’s story starts in this book)
HOME TO LAURA, Laura Cameron and Nick Jordan (Tyler Jordan’s story ends in this novel)
BECAUSE OF AUDREY, Audrey Stone and Gray Turner
ALWAYS EMILY, Emily Jordan (Nick’s daughter from Home to Laura, all grown up now) and Salem Pearce (from Home to Laura)
SAFE IN NOAH’S ARMS, Monica Accord and Noah Cameron (Laura’s sister from Home to Laura)
CODY’S COME HOME, Cody Jordan (Laura’s son from Always Emily) and Aiyana Pearce (Salem’s daughter from Always Emily, all grown up now)


Six women aim to resurrect the iconic fairgrounds and rodeo that once made Rodeo, Montana, a thriving town:

Rachel McGuire, Samantha Read, Violet Summer, Honey Armstrong, Nadine Campbell, and Maxine Porter

RODEO FATHER, hometown girl Rachel McGuire and newcomer Travis Read

RODEO RANCHER, rancher Michael Moreno and newcomer Samantha Read, Travis’s sister

RODEO BABY, diner owner Violet Summer and visitor Sam Michaels


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