No Ordinary Cowboy, Mary Sullivan, Harlequin Superromance June 2009NO ORDINARY COWBOY, June 2009, 2009 Reviewers’ Choice Award, 2010 Readers’ Crown,   “…exquisite love story…characters are well-drawn and sympathetic, and readers won’t be able to keep   from loving them.”

Mary Sullivan, No Ordinary Cowboy, Harlequin Superromance March 2014Harlequin has re-released my very first Superromance NO ORDINARY COWBOY, with a sweet new cover, as part of their Western Romance Collection. I’m thrilled!



Mary Sullivan, A Cowboy's Plan, Harlequin Superromance April 2010

A COWBOY’S PLAN, April 2010, 2011 Booksellers’ Best Long Contemporary, “…heart-wrenching tale of love and loss…” “Their palpable raw emotions are very evident to the reader as we are immersed in the story. And thanks to the creative writing of Ms. Sullivan, readers are gifted with a beautiful romance, cowboy and all, that will tug at the heart and leave us smiling.”

Mary Sullivan, This Cowboy's Son, Harlequin Superromance August 2010THIS COWBOY’S SON, August 2010, “The addition of a secondary romance adds depth and complexity to this story.”





Cover photo Home on the Ranch: Montana

Harlequin has re-released A COWBOY’S PLAN and THIS COWBOY’S SON in one volume called HOME ON THE RANCH: MONTANA in The Cowboy Collection. It is available here:

There is nothing ordinary about these two cowboys and the women they want!



Mary Sullivan, Beyond Ordinary, Harlequin Superromance July 2011BEYOND ORDINARY, July 2011, “Well-written…”

Timm wanted to stake his claim on the playground of Angel’s body like the worst neighborhood bully.




Mary Sullivan, These Ties that Bind, November 2011

THESE TIES THAT BIND, November 2011, “Sullivan does a particularly good job creating characters with depth through the use of her dialogue and description. Rem’s commitment shines through in everything he does, and Sara’s uncertainty rings true in her dealings with Rem.”


Mary Sullivan, No Ordinary Sheriff, Harlequin Superromance May 2012

NO ORDINARY SHERIFF, May 2012,  “By not reading Mary Sullivan’s first five Ordinary, Mont., books, I missed out on a lot of extraordinary! [In No Ordinary Sheriff, she] has written an exciting, first-rate tale that will have you holding your breath one moment and reaching for a tissue the next.”  USA Today


No Ordinary Home Cover

NO ORDINARY HOME, October 2014

Gracie Travers has a secret. She’s not the down-on-her-luck drifter she appears to be. Once America’s sweetheart, Gracie needs to keep below the paparazzi’s radar until she’s thirty. Then she’ll get her money and get o_ the street.

But one small mistake brings Deputy Sheri_ Austin Trumball into her life. He’s attractive and oh-so-dangerous. If he learns who she really is, her anonymous days are over. Worse, Austin’s hard to resist, and their connection is terrifying. Soon he makes her want what she can’t have—


Mary Sullivan, In From the Cold, Harlequin Superromance February 2013IN FROM THE COLD, February 2013, “Award winning author Mary Sullivan delights her readers with a new town and fresh characters in her Accord, Colorado series beginning with IN FROM THE COLD. Kudos, Mary Sullivan, for creating another compelling series with interesting characters and their heartwarming stories”



Mary Sullivan, Home to Laura, Harlequin Superromance March 2013

HOME TO LAURA, March 2013, “Sullivan’s well-executed plot points and sparkling dialogue stand out in this excellent read.”



Mary Sullivan, Because of Audrey, Harlequin Superromance October 2013BECAUSE OF AUDREY, October 2013, “This multilayered story…is packed with scenarios which tempt readers to keep reading until the last page is savoured…Gifted talent Mary Sullivan certainly knows how to turn a phrase and delight her readers in her latest series set in Accord, Colorado.”



Mary Sullivan, Always Emily, Harlequin Superromance May 2014


This time, it has to be forever

Emily Jordan has been in and out of Salem Pearce’s life for years. As an archaeologist, her work often took her far away—even when he asked her to stay. She called it bad timing. He called it running away. Now she’s back and asking for one last chance.

But Salem is a single father with more than himself to think about. If he gives Emily another shot and she takes off again, it’ll hurt his daughters, too. He can’t take that risk. But deep down, he needs Emily. He always has. Maybe this time she’ll stay….

Safe in Noah's Arms cover SAFE IN NOAH’S ARMS, September 2015

Noah and Monica…Birkenstock versus Weitzman, Army Surplus versus Art Gallery, Passion versus Ice…the gods of caprice have thrown these two together and sparks will fly!

Community service never looked so good.

Monica Accord knows trends, not tractors…fashion, not fertilizer. But she’s stuck working on Noah Cameron’s farm after one mistake lands her with community service. Monica remembers Noah from high school, but she definitely never knew about the crush he had on her. Now it just feels as if she’s some bothersome city slicker.

Yet she soon realizes there’s more growing between her and Noah than just crops—a lot more. As long as the revelation of a family secret doesn’t ruin their chance 
of a lifetime…


Back where he belongs…

Bad choices have dominated Cody Jordan’s life since leaving home ten years ago. Grieving a broken marriage and the death of his baby, he’s back in his hometown of Accord, Colorado, looking for redemption and a fresh start.

Old friend Aiyana Pearce and her little girl are a breath of fresh air. Aiyana quickly steals his heart. Being with her reminds him of the man he once was and could be again. Cody’s not ready for a relationship, though—not yet. But when a threat to Aiyana’s life resurfaces, putting his heart on the line is the least of his worries.



Rodeo Father, January 2017RODEO FATHER, January 2017

Tempted by a family…

Travis Read never wanted to settle down anywhere—with anyone. He’s in Rodeo, Montana, just long enough to fix up a house for his sister and he’ll be on his way. Then he meets Rachel McGuire. Beautiful and kind—and with magnetic whiskey-colored eyes—Rachel is everything that Travis could want. Except that Rachel is also very, very pregnant.

A struggling widowed mom, Rachel wants to give her family the stability she’s never had. Travis dashed those hopes by buying her dream house. Okay, she can start over. But she wasn’t counting on such a fierce attraction between them. And this cowboy was never meant to settle down…

9780373757527RODEO RANCHER, March 2017

A family housewarming…

Visitors are rare at widower Michael Moreno’s Rodeo, Montana, ranch. When Samantha Read and her two sons turn up, seeking shelter in a snowstorm, his kids are ecstatic. Michael is less enthusiastic. Sammy’s sophisticated city vibe seems out of place in his country home. But even he can’t deny that the bubbly beauty lights up the whole house.

Though Sammy doesn’t know much about ranching, she recognizes an aching heart when she sees one. Michael and his kids could use some cheer, and she’s determined to make the most of their time together. But as the heat between Sammy and Michael threatens to melt the snow, Sammy wonders if Michael’s heart could be thawing, as well…



Handsome, strange men are not on Violet Summer’s radar— especially ones sitting in her diner in too-new cowboy gear. She’ll eat an old boot if Sam Michaels is a real cowboy. Nope, there’s a reason Mr. Phony Cowboy and his teenage daughter are here in Rodeo, Montana…and she’ll find out the truth.

Sam just wants to get back to New York. He doesn’t need complications, like the gorgeous diner owner who irritates and intrigues him at the same time. Or a simmering attraction that results in one unforgettable night—and an unexpected bun in the oven! Now he’s torn between his big-city life…and becoming a real cowboy for good.


He’s calling in backup…

As the law in Rodeo, Montana, Sheriff Cole Payette can handle just about anything. Taking in his orphaned niece and nephew, though, puts him out of his depth. Grief-stricken himself, Cole turns to bar owner Honey Armstrong. Cole’s longtime crush on Honey has always made him tongue-tied, but now she’s the only one he can ask for help.

Honey is shocked by Cole’s request. He rarely says two words to her and now he needs her to help care for the children? She’s willing to pitch in, but bonding with the kids starts to feel a lot like being a family. And that’s not something Honey has ever left herself dream about—no matter how tempting Cole is…


Journalist Nadine Campbell set out to write a feel-good piece on Rodeo’s own rancher Rembrandt, Zach Brandt—not a sensational exposé. She’d come back from New York to heal, not hurt. And Zach and his adorable twin boys were helping more than she’d ever dreamed possible! But a feel-good piece wasn’t about to save her job.

Zach didn’t want to be interviewed. But he did want Nadine. Always had, ever since high school. Back then, he couldn’t compete with the journalistic ambition he knew would take her away. Now that she’d returned, he had a second chance—and he wasn’t about to squander it. Opening up to her was a risk worth taking. Or so he thought…




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  1. Angela

    Are you going to have any more books on Rodeo Montana. I am about to read the last one Rodeo Sheriff and wondered if there are going to be anymore

    • Hi, Angela! Thank you so much for contacting me. In May, RODEO FAMILY will be issued here in North America. This is Nadine’s and Zach’s story. Harlequin is discontinuing the Western line in June. There is still one more story written in the Rodeo, Montana, series with a working title of Rodeo Star about Maxine and a bull rider named Dusty. I’m not sure what the final title will be. It will be published at some point, but Harlequin doesn’t know yet when, but it won’t be under the Western imprint. If you want to receive a notice when that last book in the series will become available, please sign up for my newsletter using the link below and I’ll keep you updated!

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