Mary Sullivan, Always Emily, Harlequin Superromance May 2014

Romance Junkies has given ALWAYS EMILY a truly lovely review! “…an emotional read that drew me in and held me captive…engaging…wonderfully written characters…a wonderful closure that left me wanting more…”

RT Book Reviews: 4.5 stars

“Sullivan does an excellent job of tying everything together, and making Emily and Salem’s relationship seem right, in this technically and emotionally intricate novel. The intense attraction between the two and the resolving of their issues is emotionally satisfying.” Alexandra Kay

All About Romance: B+

“The plot was golden and exciting with well developed characters—even at the secondary level. Emily is a spunky protagonist who is simply a thirty-something trying to face her demons in her home town after her career becomes less enjoyable. Salem is a great hero because he is noble and classy.” Allie Jackson

Turning the Pages: 5 stars

“Full of substance, laughter, drama, a fantastic plot and a perfect romance this one was a home run for me and I can’t wait to read more of Mary’s romances in the near future because if they’re anything like Always Emily, then she’s found her new number one fan.

I would recommend Always Emily to all fans of Harlequin SuperRomances, contemporary romances set in small towns and those looking for a romance that has a great plot, and a second chance love story.” Kimberly May

Cataromance: 5 stars

“ALWAYS EMILY offers intrigue, romance and a bit of mystery to entice and entertain the reader. Always count on gifted Mary Sullivan for an extraordinarily romantic read.” Donna Zapf

Fresh Fiction:

ALWAYS EMILY, as one can expect from author Mary Sullivan, is very skillfully written. I read it in one sitting over a very enjoyable evening, caught up in the small-town world that seemed to flow easily around characters I soon felt I knew very well. Within a few pages, I was caught up in Emily’s attempt to escape from the Sudan and by the time she reached home, I was eager to know Salem’s side of the story.

Mary Sullivan’s ALWAYS EMILY explores themes of bullying, redemption from past errors, and bigotry, while immersing readers in a lovely romance between two people who have known each other for decades but still need to learn to trust. There is enough excitement in the plot to drive the story forward, but the core, as it should be, always centers around Emily and Salem’s intersecting lives. I highly recommend ALWAYS EMILY by Mary Sullivan. It is a wonderfully satisfying read if you are craving happy endings.


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