TORONTO on the CHEAP: Distillery District Light Festival

I’m always on the lookout for things to do in Toronto that don’t cost a fortune. One such delight is the Toronto Light Festival currently on display at the Distillery District. It’s free.

Toronto Light Fest

When I visit the Distillery District, at least once a year for the Christmas Market, I indulge in a Spicy Mayan hot chocolate at Soma, without fail. I arrive before dusk to watch as the lights come on because that’s my favorite time of day in the wintertime.


If I happen to wander a laneway when no one else is there, I can imagine myself in Charles Dickens’s London. It’s a magical transportation to another time.

The light festival was delightful—a great way to entice Torontonians to come out on a February evening, and to bring traffic to an area that would otherwise not see much of it in the middle of winter. The light displays showcase the work of both local and international artists.

I’ve always been drawn to whimsy. The festival didn’t disappoint in that area.






I do wish it had been larger. There were areas of the district that begged for more.

Keeping in mind that this is the first year, I applaud this show and hope to see more next year.

The photo below illustrates the best of the distillery district, the old, the new and the very special.




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