My first newsletter!

Okay, so I’ve had this ‘thing’ hanging over my head since before Christmas and it’s been REALLY bothering me. Throughout the winter, I’ve met all my other writing deadlines and commitments, as I always do, but not this one—I was supposed to send out my first-ever newsletter with a short story included in December. The autumn months were insanely(!) busy. I handed in this September’s Superromance on December 15th and then crashed. I was exhausted. I tried to write the short story for the newsletter, but it was terrible! It’s been this giant undone burden since then. I can’t seem to move forward on it, even though I’ve tried, so I’ve had a brainwave. This is what I’m going to do…I know newsletters are supposed to be about promotion, but I need to change the way I’m both looking at this problem and trying to fix it. I need to drop the whole ‘burden’ idea and have fun with it. I need to stop the whole, “I need to promote” business and just enjoy writing this story and connecting with others. On Sunday, I’m going to send out my first newsletter (if I don’t screw up the technology LOL) with the first chapter of the story. At the end of the chapter, I’m going to provide a multiple choice question to see where the READER wants the story to go next. With this feedback, I’ll write the second chapter that will end with another multiple choice question, send it out, use the feedback to write chapter three, and so on until the story is finished! It should be…gulp…interesting. Scary, I think, but I’m also hoping a lot of fun. I need a serious kick in my metaphorical creative butt on this! This idea is the first time I’ve been excited about writing this story! If you want to join me in this adventure, click on the Newsletter Signup.


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