Welcome! I’m fortunate to be able to do what I love, which is to write romance novels, in particular, Harlequin Superromance. I love to hear from readers!


Wheeeee! Last year’s Superromance, ALWAYS EMILY, is a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest! I am absolutely thrilled!

Check out the other wonderful finalists:

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalist!

Authors spend an inordinate amount of time working in isolation, never really certain how their next story will be received. Being a finalist in a contest is a wonderful affirmation, a sign that the writing is heading in a good direction!


It’s November 4th and I’m tooting my own horn! USA Today has chosen NO ORDINARY HOME as one of three must-read romances. I am thrilled!

From the review: “NO ORDINARY HOME is no ordinary story. It’s powerful and profound, and altogether lovely…this is one riveting romance, wrapped up with a super-gratifying HEA.”

Also in November:

Colleague Ann Lethbridge and I are giving a workshop in Toronto on November 16th at Inspire! The Toronto International Book Fair, called HOW TO WRITE A ROMANCE NOVEL AND FIND YOUR MARKET. We’re very excited! For complete details and to register, please visit:!mg_ld=1732

I will also be selling and signing NO ORDINARY HOME at the fair on the morning of Sunday, the 16th, at the Toronto Romance Writers’ booth #313. Many of our awesome TRW authors will be signing throughout the weekend. If you plan to attend the fair, please drop by and say hello!


No Ordinary Home Cover

My eleventh Superromance is in bookstores NOW until the middle of November. It’s called NO ORDINARY HOME and I’m really thrilled. Here is a little of what’s being said about it…

“…excellent characterization…Gracie is well drawn and likeable and Austin comes across as strong without being overbearing…” RTBookReviews.

The full 4-star review from Alexandra Kay is here…

This wonderful 5 star+ review just in…

‘What a fantastically written novel. Sullivan engages both your imagination and your emotions. The intricately laid out and completely captivating plot keeps you hooked on the story and coming back for more…my copy of this novel will definitely become dog eared and well-loved in short order.’ Read the complete review here:

She’s not who she seems…

Gracie Travers has a secret. She’s not the down-on-her-luck drifter she appears to be. Once America’s sweetheart, Gracie needs to keep below the paparazzi’s radar until she’s thirty. Then she’ll get her money and get off the street.

But one small mistake brings Deputy Sheriff Austin Trumball into her life. He’s attractive and oh-so-dangerous. If he learns who she is, her anonymous days are over. Worse, Austin’s hard to resist, and their connection is terrifying. Soon he makes her want what she can’t have—a lover, a family and a home of her own.

Follow this link to an interview on USA Today:


In December, I will be sending out by email my very first newsletter, with a free Christmas short story using one of my favorite romance plots…the hero and heroine trapped in a cabin in the middle of a raging snowstorm and, well, one thing leads to another… :-)

To sign up for my newsletter, click on the Newsletter Signup to the right.

I will send out the newsletter only three or four times a year. Promise.


My books started with a series about a small town named Ordinary, Montana, in which a rancher named Hank Shelter owned a ranch called The Sheltering Arms. In NO ORDINARY COWBOY, Hank brought inner-city children to his ranch to recover from the trauma  of having had cancer. Always, he sent each child home with a small white Stetson. Over the years, that amounted to hundreds of children, who remained devoted to him throughout their lives.

The heroine, as could be expected, comes to the ranch to tell him he doesn’t have enough money to keep the ranch going, so he must sell, which breaks his heart. The story is about their struggle to come to terms with vastly different philosophies.

This month, Harlequin has re-released that first Superromance in their Western Romance Collection, with a brand new, very lovely cover.

Mary Sullivan, No Ordinary Cowboy, Harlequin Superromance March 2014

There’s an excerpt from NO ORDINARY COWBOY below.


Amy saw Hank outside her window with his hands cupped in front of him. His shirt and pants were dirty and wet, as though he’d been lying in mud and water. A moment later, she understood why. He squatted in front of the toad house in the garden, the one about which little Cheryl had been so curious. Hank set a toad down on the soil then placed the toad house on top of it.

Amy stretched her neck to watch as he snuck around the front corner of the house.

She heard the front door open.

Hank called, “Where’s Cheryl?”

Amy tiptoed to her door and peeked out. Hank stood in the hallway. The kitchen door opened and Cheryl came out in her miniature overalls. Hank scooped her into his arms and grinned. His eyes crinkled and his cheeks broadened, framing his white, white teeth. Hank had a smile that could light airport runways.

Something happened in Amy’s chest, a bubble rising from somewhere near her solar plexus.

Carrying Cheryl to the front door as though she were a rare hothouse flower, Hank exited the house, saying, “I got a surprise for you, darlin’.” The bubble rose a little higher in Amy’s chest.

She ran to the window and waited for them to round the corner of the house, her heart pounding an odd skipping rhythm.

Hank set Cheryl on the ground in front of the toad house, then knelt beside her.

“Crouch down here and I’ll show you something.”

Cheryl said, “‘Kay,” and mimicked his stance.

Amy had trouble swallowing around the bubble that had risen into her throat.

Hank picked up the toad house. The toad hopped out. Cheryl screamed and jumped against Hank, grabbing him around the neck.

He laughed. “This little guy won’t hurt you.” He took Cheryl’s hand in his own and placed it on the toad’s back.

“He feels cool.” Cheryl’s voice shook, with fear or fascination—Amy wasn’t sure which—but the child didn’t pull her hand away. She kept it on the toad’s back, tucked under Hank’s big palm.

Amy thought she could almost feel Hank’s hand on top of her own, the surrounding safe warmth of it, the rough calluses, the dampness from the June heat.

Oh, my.

The bubble rising in her burst out of her in a joyful laugh. Hank looked up at the open window.

He winked.

Oh, my-y-y-y-y.

11 responses to “LATEST NEWS

  1. Autumn Sharp

    You are a very good writer and I have two of your books. “This Cowboy’s Son” and “A Cowboy’s Plan” I just couldn’t put them down. Thank you so much for your books!!

  2. Autumn, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I really enjoyed writing both of these stories because I already knew the characters from No Ordinary Cowboy. One of the things I like about reading and writing series is following up on characters from previous books. It’s like visiting with old friends :-) All the best, Mary

  3. Molly Hager

    I can only buy used $.50 books. Today I read “No Ordinary Cowboy”. It was excellent. I loved the characters, and the upbeat tone of the book. So inspirational.
    I hope to be able to find more of your books.
    I am 72, and This is the 1st ‘fan-mail’ I have ever written.

    • Molly, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I’m honoured that this is your first fan-mail. No Ordinary Cowboy was my first published novel and is near and dear to my heart. I loved writing it. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Carol Filicky

    I just finished In from the Cold and am anticipating reading Home to Laura next. Thoroughly enjoyed your book, as I have read a few of your other selections. Was wondering if you are going to write Ty and Tammy’s story next?

    • Carol, Ty and Tammy’s story will continue and finish in Home to Laura. Their story wasn’t quite long enough for a full novel and yet, too long for a subplot in only one book, so my editor and I decided to run it as a subplot through both books. I’m so glad you liked In from the Cold!

      • Carol Filicky

        Just finished Home to Laura – what a wonderful story. So happy that all three brothers were intertwined in the book!! A feel-good story that leaves a smile on the reader’s face – thanks for a few hours of great entertainment – looking forward to finding more of your books at the library!!!

      • Carol, I’m so glad you liked Home to Laura as well as In From the Cold! I really enjoyed writing about all three brothers!

  5. Just purchased No Ordinary Home and look forward to reading it!!

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